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There's currenty not a great deal to document - if anybody needs more information please post to a Discussions thread,

The AddIn is installed in the registry at locations HKLM/CU/Software/Microsoft/Microsoft SQL Server/100/90/Tools/Shell/Addins - this is a Visual Studio Addin with ProgId SSMSAddin1.Addin. On initialization the Addin installs a Win32 timer.

This timer checks the current document, and if it's a SQL document that has changed recently and has not been explicitly saved it works out an appropriate title for the SQL (e.g. SELECT tblUser). It then saves the document under this name to a temporary folder (My Documents \ SQL Server Management Studio \ Queries), thus updating the tab and menu title and also providing an auto-save function, but preserves the 'needs saving' flag.

There's a little more logic to ensure that the user is still prompted to enter a save location when saving such a document explicitly.

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hpdaddy Jan 16, 2013 at 5:19 PM 
Too often I procrastinated on restarting because of too many unnamed/unsaved queries that I had created in a whirlwind of adhoc requests for data. Yesterday after SSMS crashed and I found no recovered files I decided it should be the last time that I was faced with so much rework.

I love how your app works and appreciate the work you put into it!

One thing that I feel might be even more beneficial is if I could use a comment (--)/Carriage return as the key words that would trigger the logic that works out the title. I could easily get in the habit of adding a comment before coding everything and since I often select from the same table the comment may help make the calculated titles more meaningful.

It may already be there or there may be a reason that you didn't implement it as such. In any case, I again thank you for the app.